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RE: ppp redial problem


Well, actually the manual isn't wrong.  AT&F does reset the modem but to
FACTORY DEFAULTS.  ATZ re-initializes the modem to the prior settings.  If
the factory sets the defaults to no compression, no error checking, and
software handshaking for example and minicom, which sends an init string,
sets compression to on with error checking and hardware handshaking and you
send at&f to the modem in pppd the modem will stop compression etc... because
it will return to the factory settings.  If pppd sends atz the modem is reset
to the last settings used by minicom for example.

You could try running minicom, write down the init string in the serial
configuration, then run pppd with an atz string.  If minicom's init string
makes pppd work then change the atz in your chatscript to the init string
from minicom.

I hope this wasn't too cryptic.

On 11-Apr-97 Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
>On Fri, 11 Apr 1997, Rick wrote:
>> Why don't you try adding a wait or sleep command to the chatscript just
>> before the dialout, or try a comma (,) between the numbers to see if it
>> helps.  It may be just sending the data too fast.
>> Also.  Normally at&f doesn't reset the modem.  It resets FACTORY DEFAULTS
>> which can be off the wall and slow down or stop it from functioning
>> until you get a good init string in it.  ATZ re-initializes it to previous
>> settings.  AT&V will show you a list of the current settings on the modem. 
>> This is if it uses the Hayes command set (Hayes compatable).
>Thanks I will try these suggestions.  Based on my reading of the manual
>at&f should have reinitialized the modem too but I or the manual could be
>wrong.  As I mentioned before, minicom works fine so my guess is still
>there is something wrong in my pppd setup.
>-- Jaldhar
Have a good one.

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