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Re: Boot problem

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Karlsson <c95danka@und.ida.liu.se> writes:

Daniel> Now, I wanted to boot my machine in Linux. There's been no
Daniel> problem with that until now. All that comes up is: "LIL-" And
Daniel> then there's no response.
This sounds as if you need to reboot with a floppy, then run lilo as
root. The typical cause of this problem is rebooting a machine after
changing the kernel image but before re-running lilo. It also happens
regularly to one of our student lab machines, which has a dodgy hard

Daniel> How come I can't execute the file even though I am in the same
Daniel> directory?  
Do you have "." in your PATH environment variable?  If not then the
current directory will not be searched when looking for
executables. The solution is to either:
 * add "." to your PATH; or
 * include the "." whenever you run the program, eg "./slogin" or


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