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New Package Manager Lib

 I've started work on a package manager library that will hopefully
combine the best features of Debian's DPKG and Redhat's RPM systems.
My work upto this point is available at http://users.quicklink.net/~gith/
and it is FAR from complete. In fact it's just in its beginning stages.
Some of the documentation is half finished and the code is bad in
several places as I'm still in the process of fleshing out the direction
I'd like to take this in. If anyone would like to contribute to this
project, please have a look at it and email me. It would really, REALLY
be nice if someone would step forward and write an implemetation of the
RIPEMD-160 hash function to be incorporated into the library as a
replacement for MD5.

Any *constructive criticism* is welcome, ( in fact I'd love to hear
everyone's ideas along the lines of " i wish it would/could do this
or that" ).

                                Willie Daniel
               Linux-GGI Project: http://synergy.foo.net/~ggi/

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