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MC broken?

Today, I upgraded MC to version 3.5.17 from the unstable tree, and so
far, I have been unable to get the new version to run. It prints two blank
lines and then hangs, and I have to kill it from another terminal to get
my prompt back. I have tried using different terminal definitions, turning
off mouse support, turning off color, to no avail. There does not seem to
be any debug feature for MC.

On a side note, I have noticed that with newer versions of MC, the file
"10" appears in my home directory with the name of that directory. I
assume this is some way of keeping track of the last current directory or
something, but this does not work anyway, and it is annoying (a
misconfiguration, I'm sure.. but where?)

I do not use MC incredibly often, but there are places where it comes in
handy, especially for large-scale file actions.. so I would appreciate it
if someone could help me with this.

David Benjamin <davidb@bdt.com>

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