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Can I emulate a Windows NT server?

I would like to know if Linux can emulate a windows NT server. 
We will have soons 4 new stations on Windows NT and we woulk like to have
users accounts on these machines. To doing that, we can mount one of this
station on Windows NT server. However, all the users accounts (~80
accounts) are already open on our Debian box. So, if we can used our
Debian box to pass the account to our windows NT station, we will not have
to duplicate the accounts on a other computer. The administration of this
accounts will be also most easy.
Right now, our Debian box is seen like a windows 95 station by our real
windows 95 stations. We can access our Debian box without problem in
Win95. However, our win95 stations aren't protected by any users accounts,
they are free of access. We have the most recent version of samba and
ksmbfs from unstable installed on our Debian box.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Dany Dionne
Physics Department
Laval University, Canada

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