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bad FS errors after (almost) every boot

I am gradually getting desperate.

Almost every time I turn on my linux box e2fsck finds massive errors.
Often times somewhere under /usr/lib/terminfo.  I have no idea what
I could be doing wrong.  I always shutdown my system with a proper
shutdown or halt command.

Here is a short description of my setup:

I am using 2 x 2GB Quantum SCSI HDs.

On the first there is a Win95, a Win3.11 partition and 2 FAT data
partitions.  At the very end of this HD there is the OS/2 Boot Manager.

On the second HD, there is another Win 3.11 partition (primary partition)
and the root, var and swap partitions for Linux.  /home is a link to
/var/home, /usr is on the root partition.  Hm, did I forget anything
important?  Oh, yes, I've got the Debian 1.2.4 distribution installed.

At first, I thought that Win95 is the reason for this behavior, but
in the meantime I found that I get these errors even if I didn't
boot any other OS in between.  So there must be something else wrong.

Two days ago it became even worse:  I got fs errors while the system
was running.  All kinds of bad message appeared in my console.  I wanted
to save them so I could tell you the exact words here, but all I got
was "Cannot save, fatal fs errors" or something similar. :-(

Please help, I have no idea how to fix this!

Thanks so much in advance,
 Andy Spiegl, PhD Student, Technical University, Muenchen, Germany
 E-Mail: spiegl@Appl-Math.TU-Muenchen.de
 URL:    http://www.appl-math.tu-muenchen.de/~spiegl
 PGP fingerprint: B8 48 24 7B DB 96 6F 1C  D9 6D 8E 6C DB C2 E7 E9
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