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Re: Decodeing base64 stuff

On  2 Apr, Dale Scheetz wrote: 
> On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Stan Brown wrote:

>> 	Is there a utility that I can use in Deban to decode base64 files?

> Dispite all the very interesting suggestions so far, I think that what you
> are looking for is the mpack package in the mail section. This package
> provides mpack and munpack and they work fine. I use munpack from my news
> reader to unpack base64 stuff all the time and it works great.

I don't think anyone's mentioned 'uudeview' yet, it automatically
detects and decodes XX, UU, Base64 and BinHex. 
For a newsgroup it's perfect to dump all interesting articles into a
single file and let uudecode loose on it (uudeview -i <file>)
(doesn't handle interleaved parts from different multipart files though)

'uuenview' can code to XX, UU and base64 (don't know about BinHex).

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