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Please HELP Newbie: system crash


	I've got a BIG problem with my linux (DEBIAN 1.2 + Accelerated X). 
When I run the X system (with startx), my system stop to work a few 
minutes later, especially if I try to run emacs or xemacs. 
	What I mean by stopped system is:
	  - The mouse doesn't move anymore
	  - I can't do anything with the keyboard (even Ctrl-alt-suppr 
	    doesn't work)
	The only thing I can do is to switch off my computer.

	Is there another way to get my system working back ?
	Does anyone have any idea about the problem ?
	Is there any file where errors are reported ?

Thanks a lot. I discovered Linux few weeks ago and I would be 
deseperate if I would have to go back to M$ Windows.


PS: I have for a P166+ with a matrox mystique video card.

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