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Re: Netscape problem with gs-aladdin

> [..]
> Is new to me.
> I assume you are makeing netscape print postscript, and then have
> gs-aladdin turn that into hp500c language for your hp550c?
Yes, netscape print postscript troght lpr with magic-filter for my HPIII

> If that is so, (or otherwise), maybe the postscript file itself (you can
> probably get that by asking netscape to print to a file) gives a
> clue as to who is wrong (netscape or gs).

I have more checks. I install gs 3.33-5, too. Lpr, magic-filter and
gs/gs-aladdin work with /usr/doc/gs/example/alphabet.ps.
I see that problem is with netscape.3.01-4 and acroread.3.0-1 (too!).
With acroread.3.0-1 I have never success to print postscript, but older
netscape.??? run for me ok. 

Mirek Kwasniak

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