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Re: Problems with mouse.

Marc Abrams wrote:
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> Brown, Paul, BROWNPA2 wrote:
>   I have just installed the latest version of Debian GNU/Linux (v 1.2
>   I think)
>   and when
>   it came to the device installation section I asked it to install the
>   MS Bus
>   Mouse
>   driver.  When the system boots up it says that it has found the bus
>   mouse,
>   however
>   when I tried to install XFree86 it could not find any mouse attached
>   no
>   matter what
>   device I told it to use.  To try and see if I could access the mouse
>   from
>   outside X
>   I obtained the gpm module and installed it, but to no avail, it to
>   did not
>   show any
>   signs of being able to access the mouse, no errors, but no mouse
>   either.
>   This is my exact setup :
>   Debian GNU/Linux 1.2
>   Old Microsoft Inport Bus Mouse Adapter Card and Mouse
>   msbusmouse module installed saying that device is /dev/msmouse
>   gpm installed with device set to /dev/msmouse and type set to any of
>   bm/ms
>   or bare
>   When gpm goes into it's test phase it says that it connects to
>   /dev/msmouse
>   fine, but
>   none of the types give me any joy.  Can anybody help ?
>   I have read some older messages from this mailing list that said
>   something
>   about needing
>   to get a new kernel version, is this still required for the latest
>   version
>   of Debian GNU/Linux.
>   If so what do I have to get and where do I get it from ?
>   Many thanks in advance to anybody who is able to help.
>   Regards,
>   Paul Brown
> Add the -R  option to your gpm configuration, and that should work. It
> did for me.
> marc.

I found the same problem using an PS/2 mouse, we fixed installing a new

Download kernel source, and then configure to your conditions. I think
that is better that download a kernel image.


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