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Re: lprm says "Permission denied" (fwd)

On Sun, 2 Mar 1997, John Goerzen wrote:

> > i've got it running on my system, using lprng & magicfilter with   .
> > samba no problems. it works                                        .
> Not in my experience. I also tried lprng, magicfilter, and samba. I
> found the same "nonprintable" option and turned it off. The Win95 box
> appeared to print correctly, BUT it could NOT view the print queue,
> delete sent jobs, etc. With lpr instead of lprng, the Win95 box could
> do all of that like it is supposed to be able to.

a couple of things that might help:

1.  check your /etc/smb.conf.  Does it have a line like:

        printing = lprng

    in the [global] section

    see man pages for samba and smb.conf - samba has specific support for

2.  check your /etc/lpd.perms - you may not have set up the permissions
    correctly to allow the win95 box to see the queue and/or delete jobs.


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