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TO all the PPP inept

Drop your linen and stop your grinen:

To all those; and you know who you are, who are whinnnnnnnnnnnnnng
about Debian PPP. Ask your self two questions.

* What do I know about RFC 1331 or more commonly known as PPP.
* What do I know about my ISP.

If you can answer these two questions with a little, or a lot or everything, your
probably not whinnnnnnnnnnnnnng. To the individual who implemented PPP,
you did a good job. Linux is not M$W 95, thank god. If one has ever tried 
to configure a Cisco, or Alpha (not linux) or SCO box, you know what I mean. 
There is sufficient documentation in /usr/doc/ppp, and /etc/ppp to answer
almost all questions.

If there are specific questions concerning who, what, when, where or why,
ask away. The ISP is usually not the problem, unless they don't support PPP
just SLIP. Remember, unless one has a dedicated link, your IP address will
be provided by the ISP following a successful login (most ISP recycle IP addresses).
You must specify "noipdefault" and "defaultroute in /etc/ppp/options. If you 
set a DEFAULT GATEWAY and ROUTE in /etc/init.d/network, unset it.

Remember this; If it smells like cologne leave it alone, if it smells like fish eat all you wish.

Thank you for your support

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