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Re: lprm says "Permission denied" (fwd)

On Sat, 1 Mar 1997, Scott Stanley wrote:

> On Sat, 1 Mar 1997, John Goerzen wrote:
> > This is *not* an acceptable fix. Other packages, for isntance Samba,
> > will **NOT** work with lprng.
> This is nice to know....

actually, it's completely untrue.  samba works very well with lprng.

i've got it running on my system, using lprng & magicfilter with samba.
no problems.  it works.

well, actually i had a few initial hassles getting the win95 box to
print with the PCL driver. Postscript worked fine (through ghostscript
to my HP4L), but PCL failed. Eventually somebody on debian-user
suggested that I put "check_for_nonprintable no" in /etc/lpd.conf - as
soon as I did this, i could print PCL. The problem wasn't in lprng, or
in samba, it was in my config. If I had RTFM it wouldnt have been a
problem at all.

> Sounds like the thing to do is work on lpr to get it working.         
> Besides, I am running into as many problems getting lprng to work as  
> I was lpr. But, I think the lpr problems might be easier to track     
> down....                                                              

i disagree. lpr seems to be quite badly documented (i.e. almost none).
lprng has good documentation.

> Can anyone tell me what the differences are between lpr and lprng.
> In what ways has lprng been ``enhanced and extended'', to quote the
> package description.

it seems to be a bit more flexible in what you can do with filters and
network printers. 

e.g. i've got an HP4L connected to my main workstation siva (a 486-100
with 32mb). Mostly what i print is postscript stuff which means i have
to use ghostscript. This works well, except that siva is so overworked
at the moment that i really notice the system slowing down when i print.
I used lprng to send postscript printjobs to kali (my newish 32mb cyrix
686-100). kali processes the print job with gs, and then dumps the PCL
output back to siva for printing. Setting this up was quite easy. I
could have moved the printer to kali's parallel port but that would have
meant crawling under tables etc to move the cable. I don't like crawling
under tables...in fact, I loathe it.

lprng also seems much more configurable for permissions etc. 


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