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Re: Why is PPP so screwed up!?!?!

In your email to me, CoB SysAdmin, you wrote:
> Gee, that's *&^@$& hillarious, since *I'm* the ISP and I configured the 
> dial-up server exactly the way specified in the PPP HOWTO.
> > If you want a better solution, why not use diald?  It will automatically
> > bring up the modem when there is a connection attempt, will handle
> > disconnects due to idle, etc.
> This is silly. This is like asking me to put my coffee-maker on an auto-
> matic timer when the damn thing doesn't even make coffee correctly in the 
> first place. All diald would do is give me a non-functioning ppp link...
> by hey, at least it would be "on-demand", eh?
> To your credit, from what I've been reading, only you and Jens Jorgensen seem
> to know PPP from a hole in the ground. You two are the only ones who seemed
> to have even a clue as to where the problem might lie. Strangely, you two
> are also the only ones who suggested diald.... which is clearly an 
> inappropriate step until I actually can get a packet back from the remote
> machine.

Gee.. as an ISP myself, and someone who has also built houses from scratch,
I think I know PPP *and* a hole in the ground. See my howto on my
ISP page, and then try your ppp dialin again. If you can't get it to
work, email me at buoy.com. We have people dialing in with Linux
every day.


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