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Re: gross stupidity

On Mon, 31 Mar 1997 18:20:19 EST Ralph Winslow (rjw@nac.net) wrote:

> I find my self guilty of the charge above, in that I've blown away
> /usr/lib and have therby left myself with a nearly unusable system.
> I'd thought that I was in usr/lib/sound when I did a rm *, but I was in
> /usr/lib. (I was trying to get my expired sound driver to re-compile; I
> wish I'd just spent the $20).  Might there be a way that I could trick
> dselect into thinking that I have a nearly bare system so that I might
> just download the works?  Would I be better served to load bo (by that I
> mean, would I be likely to get a working system by just leaving only bo
> as the stuff to get and and then just say YES?).  I've messed with
> trying to say n to each lib and then y to each lib, but this just breaks
> stuff left and right. Perhaps I should format hda* and start from the
> top.  I guess it's time to invest in a tape device (or perhaps a little
> late for that).

Don't panic: get the list of packages that installed stuff in 
/usr/lib, and reinstall these packages.

Here's a script to give you this list:
  egrep '^/usr/lib/[^/]*$' /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list | \
  (IFS=:; while read pack file; \
    do \
      if [ ! -d $file ]; \
      then \
        echo "$pack:$file"; \
      fi; \
    done ) | \
   sed -e 's/^.*\/\(.*\)\.list:.*/\1/' | \
   sort | \

It will only list the packages which install *files* in /usr/lib, not 
packages which install in subdirectories of /usr/lib.

Good luck !


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