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Re: how to boot single-user

> At 08:02 AM 27/03/97 -0800, Ken Gaugler wrote:
> >A while back someone told me how to boot in single-user mode.  I can't
> >seem to find that email, and there is no man page for boot or single.
> >
> >Could someone please refresh my memory?
> >
> >And I wonder why commands like 'shutdown -s' do not result in a
> >single user boot?
> Interrupt the LILO: boot prompt before it loads the kernel image.

(do this by holding the ALT key pressed)

>  Then,
> type the image you normally load, followed by a capital S ie:
> LILO: Linux S
> And that'll boot single user mode (it'll also ask for the root password).

Yes, although I usually find that "linux emergency" is really what I want
(Single-user still loads quite a few scripts).

joost witteveen     joostje@debian.org
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