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Re: lpr: connect: No such file or directory

On 18 Mar 1997, Gerd Bavendiek wrote:

> Hi,
> I just tried to install another network printer. After fiddling with
> /etc/printcap I got problems. To make a longer story short: I decided
> to dpkg -r lpr. This went fine. So I reinstalled lpr, using
> lpr_5.9-12.deb.
> After setting up rm and rp in /etc/printcap I tried lpr ...
> This is what I got (doing this as root):
> zaza:/mnt>>> lpr /etc/passwd
> lpr: connect: No such file or directory
> jobs queued, but cannot start daemon.
> Someone any hints ?
> Gerd  

I've not experienced that one yet.  Try dpkg --configure --pending
It looks like lpr is there but not setup properly.  If that doesn't work
try using dselect to wipe out lpr (using "_" underscore) then re-install
it.  It will set it up for you properly and tell you the dependencies


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