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Re: MODule players

On Fri, 21 Mar 1997, Adam Shand wrote:

> >It's an OS/2 player called Muse/2. It supports,
> >xm/mod/s3m/it/ult/669/wow/far/mtm/it2 and was designed from the start to
> >run under multi-tasking os's like Linux and Os/2. I figure it could take a
> >few weeks tops to port over with gus only support.
> It sounds great... but what about those of us without a gus?  :)

Well, porting over the digital mixer would be interesting, doable very
quickly -- just don't cry when a 20 channel song brings your 486 to it's
knees :> (A 486dx-50 can sustain about 30 channels with all the asm code
in place) 

The mixer has about 500 lines of tasm code, I haven't yet seen an
assembler that I can use to assemble it with. Pity C doesn't have the
right operators to express the algorithm in it's most ideal form.

Oh well, I started fiddling with getting the code to compile today and I'm
moderately pleased. I have a nice love/hate relationship with gnu make :P

Does anyone know how to control the order in which constructors are called
during program startup (for global static objects). To allow the metaclass
construction to work properly I need to have assurance it will do it in
the right order. Watcom, Borland and High C all had pragmas to control
this, I couldn't find such a thing in GCC yet. 

Looking at OSS, I can tell IT's are going to be a huge pain to make work
with the GUS, bleck.


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