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Re: Bug#8119: e2fsck should be linked with -static

From: Dominik Kubla <dominik.kubla@uni-mainz.de>
> What about systems without floppy disks? They do exist!

Put root.bin from the rescue disk under /boot. Add a "rescue" option to
the lilo.conf that boots your regular kernel with INITFS=/boot/root.bin .
You can now type "rescue" at the LILO prompt and boot into the rescue
disk without a floppy. Total cost in disk space: 700K. This is less
than static-linking all of the necessary programs. I count at least 10
of them. It's also superior because it doesn't depend on the damaged
filesystem while repairing it.

It's such a good idea maybe we should do it for all systems. It would
help people who didn't have their rescue floppies on hand. It would take
a package containing root.bin and a change to the LILO postinst to generate
the rescue configuration if /boot/root.bin is present.

> So Mr. President could you please let people do _THEIR_ work without
> constantly interfering?  I would appreciate that.

Note that I am the author of the boot-floppies package and the architect
of booting in Debian 1.1 and 1.2 . I also have a mandate as project leader
that does not say I should always be hands-off. Please get off this
"constantly interfering" thing. It isn't constructive.

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