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Re: kernel patch for sound config woes

>>"Richard" == Richard Morin <qnc496@durhamnews.net> writes:

Richard> Hi folks, I've finally gotten around to focusing on my kernel
Richard> sound problems, and I just need some info about just how I go
Richard> about applying the patch that is mentioned in
Richard> /usr/doc/kernel-package/Problems.gz Just a little leary bout
Richard> causing a larger error.... :-)

 1) cd /usr/src/linux (or wherever you have kept the kernel sources)
 2) zcat /usr/doc/kernel-package/Problems.gz > kpatch
 3) patch -s < kpatch
 4) find . -name \*.rej (any output is a cause for concern)
 5) find . -name \*.orig (just one orig file should show up)
 6) make menuconfig (or config or xconfig, take your pick)
 7) make-kpkg clean
 8) make-kpkg -r Custom.1.0 kernel_image
 9) dpkg --contents ../kernel-image-*.deb
10) dpkg -i ../kernel-image-*.deb (when you are satisfied with the image) 

	Best of luck.

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 work but they try anyway, and which sometimes actually work, such as
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