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Re: lprng+samba+some_filter? (WAS: LPD network printing)

On Fri, 14 Mar 1997, Adam Shand wrote:

> I haven't yet tackled the .dvi thing (because I don't use DVI) but I have a
> script that works with lpr and a shared windows printer via samba.  If you
> can figure out a way to detect dvi files then I can't see any reason why it
> wouldn't work.

Oh, thanks Adam... this works, but...

I do need to use something like magicfilter because some users print all
kinds of files, not just postscript, and I'd like to tell them "just say
`print` to your program" or "use `lpr file`", and I don't want to reinvent
the wheel, nor magicfilter for that matter.

I have managed to get multiple filters using bounce queues with lprng,
like this:

---- my /etc/printcap ----
ci|cicima|lw360|Apple LaserWriter 360:\
	:if=/usr/sbin/smbprint:\ <- this is a home brewed version of smbprint
	:filter_options=$-a:\ <---- it doesn't care about anything but a dir

lp|laser|postscript|PostScript 600dpi:\
	:if=/usr/sbin/ps600-filter:\    <---- this is magicfilter
---- end of /etc/printcap ----

I can use

$ cat file.ps | smbprint /var/log/lpd/lw360/acct

and it prints! What I don't get is why it doesn't work with:

$ lpr file.ps


$ lpr file.non.ps

I *have* RTFM (the F is starting to mean something different to "fine" ;-)
but I have had no luck...

Again: this is lprng+magicfilter+samba. lprng is the lastest version,
right now, from the experimental tree, I can downgrade if needed :-)

Any lprng gure arround?


			Marcelo Magallon

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