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Re: Advice fixing small LiLo slip-up

On Sun, 16 Mar 1997 danny@maxwell.ucsf.EDU wrote:

> I'm installing Debian 1.2.5 for a friend, on an EIDE disk (pentium
> 166). When the kernel was installed and LiLo set up, I indicated that
> I would like to boot from /dev/hda2. This was done, and Linux boots
> fine from /dev/hda2.
> After the fact, I decided I wanted to be able to boot the windows
> partition on /dev/hda1. I (mistakenly) changed boot=/dev/hda2 to
> boot=/dev/hda1 and added a stanza:

simplest solution is to just boot linux, edit lilo.conf to change the
boot= line back to "boot=/dev/hda2" and run lilo again. leave the rest
of the config as is.

alternatively, set "boot=/dev/hda" to make LILO use the master boot
record. remember to run lilo again after changing this.

> Is this right? One part I'm not confident is marking partition
> /dev/hda1 as active. Is this necessary? Also, will it confuse the
> chaining from MBR?

lilo can boot from any partition, whether it is marked as 'active' or
'bootable' or not.

for more info, see the lilo documentation. look in /usr/doc/lilo, as
well as the lilo man page. there is a lot of excellent documentation for
LILO already installed on your system.


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