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Advice fixing small LiLo slip-up

I'm installing Debian 1.2.5 for a friend, on an EIDE disk (pentium
166).  When the kernel was installed and LiLo set up, I indicated that
I would like to boot from /dev/hda2.  This was done, and Linux boots
fine from /dev/hda2.

After the fact, I decided I wanted to be able to boot the windows
partition on /dev/hda1.  I (mistakenly) changed boot=/dev/hda2 to
boot=/dev/hda1 and added a stanza:

	other = /dev/hda1
	table = /dev/hda
	label = msdos

I then rebooted, but (of course) after holding down the shift key, the
only label visible was Linux.  I assume that what I did was clobber
the boot record on /dev/hda1, and the MBR sees only one active
partition (/dev/hda2).

I assume that what I need to do now is (1) use the "remove" option for
lilo, which will restore the boot record to /dev/hda1, (2) use
/sbin/activate to make /dev/hda1 an active partition, and (3) edit
/etc/lilo.conf to set boot=/dev/hda2 and re-run lilo.

If I'm understanding this correctly, the MBR will then chain to LiLo
on /dev/hda2, which (if I hold down the shift key) will give me the
choice of either Linux or msdos.

Is this right?  One part I'm not confident is marking partition
/dev/hda1 as active.  Is this necessary?  Also, will it confuse the
chaining from MBR?

Thanks for all help.

Danny Heap, UCSF, 3333 California St., Room 102, SF CA, 94118
danny@maxwell.ucsf.edu, voice:	(415) 476-8910, fax: (415) 476-1508

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