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help with Slirp on Debian

	I would like to know if I can get help with Slirp. Since I have
installed Debian 1.2 and compiled a new version of Slirp (1.0c), our
PPP sessions do not last longer than 5 minutes. 

	Before I have installed Debian 1.2, we have been using old
Slackware and an about 2.5 year old version of Slirp without any problem.

	I have recompiled Slirp 1.0c on Debian 1.1 and the problems persist.

	I am running Slirp on our Sparc station and there are no problems.

	This implies that it is not a problem with the terminal server. It 
should have nothing to do with hardware since both Debian boxes exhibit the
same problem. 

	Our topology looks as follows:

phone lines                          |----------|
                                     |Debian 1.1|
             |+++++++++++++|         |          |
-------------| terminal    |         |----------|
-------------|             |               |
-------------| server      |========================================= LAN
-------------|             |          |                   |
             |+++++++++++++|    |-----------|        |----------|
                                |Debian 1.2 |        | Sparc    |
                                |           |        | Solaris  |
                                |-----------|        |----------|

	thanks very much for your HELP


    Frank Niscak                    frank@sparc.nic.bc.ca
    Dept. of Computing Science      Tel: (250)-334-5045
    North Island College            FAX: (250)-334-5018

    2300 Ryan Road
    Courtenay, B.C., Canada
    V9N 8N6

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