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Re: Connecting to a Windows NT server

On This Day, In The Year of Our Lord 15 Mar 97, 8:08 

> > > a normal server (Unix/Linux) but unfortunately at work we run
> > > Windows
>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>     :)   ;)    :)     ;)    :)

  When you work with Dual Pentium Pros that crash all the time, and 
then sitting beside it you see a Linux machine we setup with a 166 
and ONLY 16 megs of ram (instead of 128) that runs webserver, DNS and 
mailserver, you wonder what the hell is going on.

> Connecting pppd to an NT server is tricky, but do-able.  My friend
> got it up and running immediately; for me it took several days.
> I was able to get it to work by putting "<your login on the server>
> * <password>" into BOTH pap-secrets and chap-secrets (in /etc/ppp),
> and by including the "user <your login on the server>" option in the
> options file (/etc/ppp/peers/provider for pppd 2.3b3-2, another file
> for some earlier versions). 

  Another e-mail I got from Linux-PPP suggested this:

On This Day, In The Year of Our Lord 15 Mar 97, 18:12 
  "Re: Dialing In a Windows NT server" By Uwe Thiem:

> You don't need a login prompt. Await nothing in the script after
> CONNECT. Then just start PAP, CHAP or MS-CHAP. Whatever they use.

  So I am sure I can try both of your systems.  My only fear now is 
how to bypass the "Network" prompt when it comes up.  I'm sure that 
if I put an expect, I should be okay.

> Remember to do "tail -f /var/log/ppp.log" so you can watch for error
> when I got my configuration files right.
> You can also set a "verbose debugging" option for pppd, which shows
> Which version of pppd are you using?  I upgraded to 2.3b3-2 last

  Thank you so much.
I am rather new to Linux.. I managed to install it and run it for 
now.  I got some stuff up and running by trial and error (I guess the 
best way to learn) but I need to upgrade my software and I would like 
to connect to download it via Internet.   AS for PPP, I have no clue 
the version yet, but I think it's at least 8 months old now.

> Good luck.

Oh boy.. thanks =)

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