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Re: cc compile error

On Sat, 15 Mar 1997, Ken Gaugler wrote:

> Trying to make a simple "hello.c" program, I get this error message:
> >bash$ cc -c hello.c
> >In file included from /usr/include/stdlib.h:42,
> >                 from hello.c:4:
> >/usr/include/errno.h:27: linux/errno.h: No such file or directory
> If I look on line 27 of /usr/include/errno.h, I see that the
> compiler is indeed looking for a file called
>  /linux/errno.h
> and there is indeed no such file or directory.
> Is there some global variable I have not set right in my system?
> How to fix this?
> Thanks!
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> Ken Gaugler  
> email: keng@wco.com  URL: http://www.wco.com/~keng
> "The life of a Repo Man is always INTENSE..."

1) it would help to see the code.
2) examples < stdio.h> "<>"This means the file is where the compiler is at
            "stdio.h" the quotations mean that the file is in the same dir
you are in
 (this is assuming yu are writing in c)
3) if you are using gnu compiler try gcc -g -o "newname" "oldname.c"
where the old name is the name of the file you are working with (notice
the extension) and new name is the name of the file after compiling
(notice no extension)

Bonne Chance!
Good Luck!
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and may God Bless you
Seth R

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