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Re: Local X application defaults

In article <199703111321.IAA26531@dogwood.cray.com> 
jwl@atlanta.cray.com (James W. Lynch) wrote:
>> Riku Saikkonen <rjs@isil.lloke.dna.fi> writes:
>> > Can X be set to read app-defaults
>> > files in /usr/local/X11/app-defaults/ (or whatever) in addition to the
>> > normal directory?
>> You could try (ab-)using XUSERFILESEARCHPATH.  Mine is currently
>the XAPPLRESDIR environment variable is used to identify local application

Hmm, okay, I'll try that. Thanks.

As a more general question, should Debian (xbase or whatever) set something
like that as default? I mean, Debian puts /usr/local/bin in the PATH, and
/usr/local/lib in /etc/ld.so.conf, so why not local app-defaults too?

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