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Re: Compiling gs 3.33 for HP660C printer

Chris Brown writes:
>    I was looking at the man pages HOWTOs etc. for GostScript with 
>the intent of using it with my HP 660C printer.  It looks like the 
>standard distribution esecutable won't work for me so I got the 
>source and was going to compile it.  It looks like the best option 
>for monocrome wonld be to set it up with the laserjet driver however 
>I'm not really sure if there is a good option for color.  There are 
>probably other drivers that I would find usefull that I'm not 
>familiar with or not thinking of now.  Any suggestions would be 
>greatly appriciated.

I suggest using the Alladin Ghostscript in non-free.  It has some new
drivers for the Deskjet family of printers.  The deb package has them
included.  The available drivers are cdjmono, cdeskjet, cdjcolor,
cdj500, cdj550, deskjet, djet500, djet500c.  I uset the cdj550 for
mono and color printing by changing the -dBitsPerPixel option of

You might want to look into using apsfilter or magicfilter to setup
different printer names for color, b/w, etc.

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