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nis problem...


I have some computers in the laboratory with RH 4.1 One of tem is a nis
server, a the rest - clients. Now i would like to have one PC with Debian on
my desk :) and... i've a problem...

I instaled:

libc5           5.4.23-2
libgdbm1        1.7.3-19
netbase         2.10-1

In /etc/deafultdomain i have my nis domain...
In /etc/yp.conf adreess of my nis server
and in /etc/passwd i've add +::::::

/etc/init.d/nis stop ; /etc/init.d/nist start

and... what can i do now? It's my first touch nis and i havn't idea.
can u help me? thank's...

what about /var/yp/binding ?

 Artur Zaworski, Computer Center, Technical University of Gdansk, Poland.
email: magic@pg.gda.pl http://www.pg.gda.pl/~magic phone(office): 47.27.88
              Dzialac mozna dopoty, dopoki sie ma marzenia.

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