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question on dates


I have a very pressing question and I would be very happy if somebody
could give me a clue. I have a commercial psckage installed on my debian
system which ( GAUSS for econometric applications ) which takes the date
time e.t.c. from the system. Unfortunately, after I upgraded from stable
to unstable it seems to be getting the wrong format for the date or time .
Can somebody tell me whether the programs which provide these information
have been changed from the stable to the unstable? If so, and this must
somehow be the case can I change the defaults to what they used to be ? If
not which is the package providing this information so that I can
downgrade it ??

                               Thanks very much

George Kapetanios
Churchill College
Cambridge, CB3 0DS              
U.K.                            E-Mail: GK205@hermes.cam.ac.uk

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