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Will I need special kernel for farrallon pcmcia card?

I just did a 1.2 install onto a new AST ascentia notebook. Now I have
Helen Keller Linux running (no X, no network, no mouse yet).  

The first and most pressing problem is getting it to talk to a
farrallon etherwave pcmcia card.  Will I need to ftp packages over to
the windows side and get a compiler running to get this to work? The
pcmcia HOWTO says that this type of card is known to work, but I get
an: "unsupported card" error during bootup. During the install
process, several modules were listed as possible to add to the kernel,
but many of these choices were not available to implement.  I did
install the "plug+play" pcmcia daemon (the name escapes me right now).

If anyone has general experience with these notebooks, I would be
grateful if they let me know.

Thank you,


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