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Re: Which OSF/Motif ?

On Fri, Mar 07, 1997 at 01:33:09PM -0600, Michael Harnois wrote:
> Larry Ayers <layers@vax2.rainis.net> writes:
> >   I highly recommend the SWIM Motif from
> > http://www.cheapbytes.com.  It's worked really well for nearly
> > all Motif apps I've tried to compile, and the price is right.
> "Nearly" is a little frightening ... what *hasn't* it worked for?
> --
> +  Michael D. Harnois  

  Aw, don't be frightened... it's just software!  By nearly I
meant that reputable, well-maintained packages will compile
with SWIM Motif.  Just as with Athena packages, anyone can
upload Motif-dependent software to the FTP sites and some is
bound to be, shall we say, not very portable to machines
different than the developer's.

  In my experience, packages such as XEmacs, Amaya, Thot,
Nedit, etc. will compile.  
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