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Re: Suddenly, my debian mirror timestamps out by 1 minute

On Wed, 05 Mar 1997 09:51:41 MST Rick Macdonald (rickm@vsl.com) wrote:

> [ This is a resend, now that the list seems to be working again ]
> I mirror debian on an SGI Indigo2 (IRIX64 6.2 IP26), and then from
> there to my Linux box at home.
> Last night, the timestamps at home all became 1 minute off and the whole
> mirror retransfered (complete in several hours over ISDN :-).

You probably have upgraded the timezone package.
This nice package has offset the PST timezone by one minute, and you probably had (like me) your clock set to GMT.
It took me a couple of days before realizing that I was re-downloading everything and that I should re-sync with master.


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