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Suddenly, my debian mirror timestamps out by 1 minute

[ This is a resend, now that the list seems to be working again ]

I mirror debian on an SGI Indigo2 (IRIX64 6.2 IP26), and then from
there to my Linux box at home.

Last night, the timestamps at home all became 1 minute off and the whole
mirror retransfered (complete in several hours over ISDN :-).

Since the timestamps on the SGI in the office still match
the problem must be on my PC. The only odd thing at the time was a
Netscape 3.01gold that I CTRL-C'd before the first window appeared. The 
process somehow remained, burning up CPU at 70-100%

Any ideas what could have made the timestamps change by 1 minute?
(If I ever mirror a debian site on the net, I'd hate to waste bandwidth
like this if it's something I can fix.)


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