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Re: Script Files

> I have installed just base of Debian.  I have not added any extra
> software.  But I have added Envy 1.0 which is a type of mud.  I'm
> trying to run it and to start it, I have to run the startup script.
> I'm getting all kinds of errors when I running it.  Just to make sure
> I'm doing it right, I type '. startup' right?  Also if someone could
> take a look at the startup file I have attached and maybe tell me
> whats is wrong, it would really make my day.

You can run a script with '. startup' if the shell you are using is a
Bourne shell derivative (sh, bash, ksh, ash) and the script is also
written in a Bourne shell derivative.  But this runs the script in the
current environment, which might no be what you want.  Your script,
though is written in csh and can only be run by csh or tcsh, which are
not in base, but in the section called 'shells'.  Get either the csh or
tcsh debian package and install it on your system with

dpkg -i csh_5.26-8.deb


dpkg -i tcsh_6.06-10.deb

Then, you can just run the script by typing its name on the command

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