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Re: turning off computer

>>>>>>>> On Wed, 5 Mar 1997,, Larry wrote:

 Larry> "BB" == Boris D Beletsky <borik@isracom.co.il> writes:
 Larry>   >>>>>>>>> On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, I wrote: I> Is there a way for
 Larry>   a user without root priveleges to cleanly I> unmount the
 Larry>   root file system and shutdown the computer? I> I> I've been
 Larry>   running 'init 0' as root before turning off the box, I> but
 Larry>   I don't want to have to give out the root password to my I>
 Larry>   family (it's bad enough that I know it!) just so they can
 Larry>   turn I> the thing off when I'm not around. We'd rather not
 Larry>   leave it on I> when it is not in use. I> I> Thanks, Rikki
 Larry>   BB> Well, the easiest is to write a script and chmod 6755
 Larry>   it.
 Larry> Errmm... Unless something has changed very recently, linux
 Larry> does not allow setuid shell scripts. Check out the other
 Larry> replies, and use either the inittab or sudo solution.

Oh yeah, forgot! So not shell script anything else, a c program that
calls shutdown...

(btw, you can user super for that purpose)


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