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Re: turning off computer

Your best bet is to use the "sudo" program or some such.  You can
establish groups of users and allow them to run predefined programs as
root by feeding sudo their OWN password.

For sanity sake, set your EDITOR environment variable to the editor of
your liking and then use the "visudo" command to edit the file which
defines the permissions - visudo will check for syntax errors, very
important for a tool which can allow some powerful permissions.

Once configured, a permitted user merely types "sudo reboot" and feeds it
his/her password.  Voila!

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On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, I Brake for Moths wrote:

> Is there a way for a user without root priveleges to cleanly unmount the 
> root file system and shutdown the computer?
> I've been running 'init 0' as root before turning off the box, but I 
> don't want to have to give out the root password to my family (it's bad 
> enough that I know it!) just so they can turn the thing off when I'm not 
> around.  We'd rather not leave it on when it is not in use.
> Thanks,
> Rikki
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