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Re: XFree86 3.2 performance problem ?

> Has anyone else noticed that, since the upgrade to 3.2, X seems to be slower ?
> I have a P120 with 48 Mb and a Stealth64 Video 2000 (S3) with 2Mb DRAM.
> I use 1024x768 with 16 bpp.
> After the upgrade I noticed that my WM (AfterStep) took about 2-3 seconds more
> to load and the window drawing is also a bit slower. I didn't think about it
> though, but yesterday I started xbmbrowser in a directory where I keep a lot of
> pixmaps (800+). It took "forever" to load so I killed it after about 10 minutes.
> Top showed that the XServer consumed 85-95 % of the CPU load.
> After that, I reinstalled my old S3 server (3.1.2 from Debian 1.1) and
> the problems mentioned above disappeared.
> Has anoyone had a similar experience ?

I've noticed one area where X is now slower. I run 2 X displays, one at 256
colors, the other at 16bpp. I switch between then a lot. It used to be a
very fast switch from one to the other. Now, I switch, and it takes 2-3
seconds before X starts responding to mouse movement again. Same thing
happens if I switch to a text console and then back to X.

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