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Re: Access to NFS-server

On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, Jeff Gunter wrote:

> On Mar 5,  6:02am, Bob Clark wrote:
> >
> > cd <target_directory_on_server>
> > rsh my.pc "cd /usr; tar cf - ." | tar xf -
> >
This may work to copy the /usr-tree after installing the base disks.
But it won't solve the upcoming problem (see below).
>      root=hostname[:hostname]...
>                Give root access only to the root (uid 0) users from a
>                specified hostname.  The default is for no hosts to be granted
>                root access.
> While this does open up the possibility for someone to spoof your pc's ip
>address and mount up the filesystem, it's safer for the HP because somebody who
> breaks into the pc can't immediately hop onto the HP as root.
OK, this works when copying the /usr-tree. I moved /usr and /var/lib
to the workstation. I've done the necessary entries in /etc/fstab and
rebooted, so I come up with the small diskspace of my own computer and
the huge diskspace made available in /usr and /var/lib via NFS on
the HP-workstation.

Now I tried dselect and here we are -- me and my very old problem
(my problem is about 9 weeks old): After selecting the wanted packages
(method ftp) dselect complained: 

Approximate total space required: 28526k
Available space in debian:
Space required is greater than available space,
you will need to select which items to get.

I wanted to install only a few packages at first (that's why only 28M)
and if I call  `df' I get:

                          ...   Available ...  Mounted on
/dev/hda2                            5288      /
/dev/hda3                           74720      /var
hp.workstation:/<path>/usr        1038027      /usr
hp.workstation:/<path>/var/lib    1038027      /var/lib

It seems to be enough space to store under /var/lib where the packages
are copied to and under /usr where the packages are installed in.

The rest of dpkg's job (which was called by dselect) is a mess of
error messages. Is there anybody out there who have any idea why dpkg
is so stubborn? 

I think that the failure is caused by the special configuration with
the NFS-server. Should I send a bug report concerning dpkg or should
I look for the reason on my own boxes concerning permissions and so

I'm really helpless (and tried several times since more than two

Any further help is very appreciated


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