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Re: Unstable vs. Stable

On 21 Feb 1997 jghasler@win.bright.net wrote:

> Craig writes:
> > If you dont have a good net connection, I'd recommend getting a freshly
> > burned CD with unstable on it once a month and upgrading from that.
> In other words, if you don't have plenty of money, don't use Debian.

Definitely not! I spent ages using my system with no upgrading at all
having installed from rex. I understand the need to upgrade for bugs/new
packages, but once I had a working system of X/lesstif/latex/gcc and a lot
of utils I couldn't see the point in upgrading. As a 'normal user' I
didn't find any of the bugs/limitations in the system I had installed
needed repairing. If it works - don't fix it....


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