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Re: Using debian as a proxy/masq. server.

> > I am currently using a debian system to masquerade all the traffic from

> > my high school's win95 lan to the internet.  This is ok for a temporary

> > manner, but my school wants me to implement a way to track where all
> > students are going, can't have them going to sighs which arn't kosher,
> > you know what I mean.  Well, is there a way to do this, in that they 
> > authenicate themselves to the debian box, with a username and password,

> > and the proxy server will record wherever they go (until the logout). 
> > is there an easier way.
> For FTP and Telnet the TIS Firewall Toolkit package will do what you
> As for web browsing, I have never seen a solution that provided foolproof
> authentication..

I run Apache on my firewall, with WWW proxy enabled.  It does log
everything, and shows what IP address its coming from on the LAN,
and what URL was requested.

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