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need /usr/lib contents

I inadvertently erased my /usr/lib directory (meaning to erase 
/usr/local).  I have tried to reconstruct it as best as I can, but I am 
not sure that I have gotten everything.  Here is the output of 'ls /usr/lib':

games                   libgnumalloc.so.5       libpng.so.1.0.89c
libdb.so.1              libgnumalloc.so.5.4.20  libstdc++.so.27
libdb.so.1.85.2         libhistory.so.2.0       libstdc++.so.27.2.1
libg++.so.27            libhistory.so.2.0.1     libwrap.a
libg++.so.27.2.1        libjpeg.so.6a           netscape
libgdbm.so.1            libjpeg.so.6a.0.0       perl5
libgdbm.so.1.7.3        libpng.so.1

If someone could send me the same listing from their system or point out 
which libraries I am missing, I would be appreciative.  Would there be 
any hidden files in /usr/lib? (w/ names starting with .)  Does X keep any 
libraries there?

Thank you,

Rikki "Doh!" Hall


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