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Re: Start Delay in Ping...

> One my one system (now running Debian GNU/Linux 1.2.5 on a 386SX), I'm
> experiencing something strange when pinging some other systems.  I'll
> a system and there won't be any response for about 5 seconds - then the
> last 5 or 6 ping responses will come dumping back all at once.  i.e. 


> As you can see, ping time is actually pretty low - once I start receiving
> packets....  Any idea on why this might be?

It could be because the route to the remote site involves an ISDN line. One
our LAN's is connected to two others with ISDN and when I ping a host on
of those sites I will observe exactly the same behavior. It takes around 
3-4 seconds for our routers to connect.

Or maybe it's because of a slow link to a name server in case you use DNS.

Did you ping the host name or the IP address?

Thanks for the response.  From your info and others, I've discovered the
problem to be with my DNS config.   We don't have an ISDN connection and
pinging the IP addr directly results in no delays.  

I'll hit the DNS docs and do some RTFM and see if I can figure out what's

Thanks for your help,

Kevin Traas
Systems Analyst
Edmondson Roper Chartered Accountants
Chilliwack, B.C.
Pager: (604) 918-2054
Office: (604) 792-1915

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