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Re: wanna trade secondary dns ?

>> I would like to trade secondary domain name service with another one man
>> ISP for redundancy with network or computer problems.
>Doesn't this A) almost equal to advertisiment? (Solicitation of something)
>and B) Have absolutely nothing to do with Debian? And isn't there a clause
>in the agreement letter that thou shalt not Spam? 

I think that's a little harsh.  This was a well meant message (or I felt
so).  Lets not scare people into not posting, however a slap on the wrist
would be appropriate and if repeated...

However you are right this message would receive a better audience on either:

Linux-ISP:	linuxisp@friendly.jeffnet.org
Inet-Access:	inet-access@earth.com

Both are well known and easy to find.


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