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Re: The LSL TriLinux2 CD?

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, Paul Seelig wrote:

> On the other hand there is nothing better than a recently burned
> writable CD when you want it really uptodate and like being on the
> edge. But for the same price anybody could get a CheapBytes CD and
> a very good Linux book. Anybody has bought the new "Linux in a
> Nutshell" from O'Reilly? A really nice and useful book IMHO!

I have the UNIX in a Nutshell book (Sys V and Solaris release). Other than
a rather sneaky marketting ploy by O'Reilly (No, not all their books are
up to snuff... if you want a case and point check out their C++ manuals or
the GNU Utilities book, which is basically a reprint of stuff in a lot of
other books) I see no reason why there ought to be another one of these
quick ref manuals for Linux. The dozen or so commands that are different
from Sys V and the lpr system are not worth whatever amount of money it is
to get another book if you already own a the UNIX book, and although Linux
newbies might benefit from the quick reference, often I think the man
pages are much better. (That is, if you have man installed and working
properly :) )
For the same money I'd get the Matt Welsh Running Linux book, which is in
a 2nd edition and a lot of fun to read. Larry Wall's Perl book seems to be
becoming the "next" K&R, being popular amongst all programmers. The
O'Reilly Xlib books need a heavy update (they should merge the R6 release
notes into the books..). They are the most thorough, but don't seem to
adress many of the modern tools for X GUIs, but I digress...
	Perhaps someone should convince them to write a chapter about
Debian in one of their Linux boooks? After all, Debian, being a total
volunteer effort and having been sanctioned by FSF ought to be
mentioned... (Running Debian Linux?)


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