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What package is nfsd in?

I think my rex-fixed/updates problems are responsible for the lack of
any mention of netstd_nfs. Since I've installed Debian before I'm
familar with the need to uncomment mountd/nfsd etc... Well that use to
be the case.

Could it be that this package resides in rex-updates at the moment?

This raises another point. I find it rather troubling that dselect just
ignored the missing required/important packages that would have been in
rex-updates but in my system weren't present by of the order I chose to
mirror things. I don't remember any serious warnings or anything ... I
would like to see flashing lights if required/important are missing.
Perhaps I'm just wrong but that's certainly how things were for other
packages like libc5 etc etc that are in updates.

Note: all of this is my problem but I could have used a little help :-)


I'll list here my dpkg --get-selections and I'd like to know if anybody
can see anything seriously missing from a full installation that just
ignored inn and trn

adduser                                         install
ae                                              install
at                                              install
base-files                                      install
base-passwd                                     install
bash                                            install
bc                                              install
biff                                            install
bin86                                           install
binutils                                        install
bison                                           install
bsdmainutils                                    install
bsdutils                                        install
cpio                                            install
cpp                                             install
cron                                            install
cvs                                             install
dc                                              install
debianutils                                     install
dialog                                          install
diff                                            install
dnsutils                                        install
dpkg                                            install
dpkg-ftp                                        install
dvipsk                                          install
e2fsprogs                                       install
ed                                              install
electric-fence                                  install
elm                                             install
elvis                                           install
emacs                                           install
fdflush                                         install
file                                            install
fileutils                                       install
findutils                                       install
flex                                            install
fvwm-common                                     install
fvwm2                                           install
gcc                                             install
gdb                                             install
getty                                           install
gimp-smotif                                     install
gpm                                             install
grep                                            install
groff                                           install
gzip                                            install
hostname                                        install
iamerican                                       install
ibritish                                        install
info                                            install
ispell                                          install
jdk-apidocs                                     install
jdk-common                                      install
jdk-demo                                        install
jdk-static                                      install
kbd                                             install
kernel-source-2.0.27                            install
kpathsea                                        install
latex                                           install
ldso                                            install
less                                            install
libc4                                           install
libc5                                           install
libc5-dev                                       install
libdb1                                          install
libdb1-dev                                      install
libelf0                                         install
libg++27                                        install
libg++27-dev                                    install
libgdbm1                                        install
libgdbm1-dev                                    install
libjpeg6a                                       install
libnet                                          install
libpng1                                         install
libreadline2                                    install
libreadline2-dev                                install
lilo                                            install
login                                           install
lpr                                             install
lsof                                            install
m4                                              install
mailx                                           install
make                                            install
makedev                                         install
man                                             install
manpages                                        install
mawk                                            install
mbr                                             install
mfbasfnt                                        install
mfbin                                           install
mflib                                           install
mh                                              install
mime-support                                    install
modconf                                         install
modules                                         install
motifnls                                        install
mount                                           install
mtools                                          install
ncurses-base                                    install
ncurses-bin                                     install
ncurses-term                                    install
ncurses3.0                                      install
ncurses3.0-dev                                  install
netbase                                         install
netscape                                        install
nvi                                             install
passwd                                          install
patch                                           install
pdksh                                           install
perl                                            install
perl-debug                                      install
perl-suid                                       install
ppp                                             install
procmail                                        install
procps                                          install
psnfss                                          install
quake                                           install
quake-lib                                       install
rcs                                             install
sed                                             install
setserial                                       install
sharutils                                       install
shellutils                                      install
smail                                           install
sox                                             install
strace                                          install
sysklogd                                        install
syslinux                                        install
sysvinit                                        install
tar                                             install
texbin                                          install
texinfo                                         install
texlib                                          install
texpsfnt                                        install
textutils                                       install
time                                            install
timezone                                        install
unzip                                           install
update                                          install
util-linux                                      install
wenglish                                        install
wg15-locale                                     install
xbase                                           install
xfnt100                                         install
xfnt75                                          install
xfntbase                                        install
xfntscl                                         install
xlib6                                           install
xlib6-dev                                       install
xmanpages                                       install
xpm4.7                                          install
xpm4.7-dev                                      install
xquake                                          install
xserver-svga                                    install
xserver-vga16                                   install
zip                                             install
zlib1                                           install

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