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Re: Bash Function File

In article <32E5FBAE.B0BEF18@cfw.com> you write:
>I use a bash function file "/usr/local/bash_functions". In the
>/etc/profile file there is a statement "source
>/usr/local/bash_functions". I can normally use the bash fuctions when I
>am in my /home/user directory but when I do an "su" I can no longer use
>the bash_functions without resourcing them. This is very inconvenient.
>What can I do so they stay sourced whether I am /home/user $ or su #? Is
>there some place to put a source statement which will do the job? I have
>tried source statements in /home/user and /root .bash_profile files as
>well. Another of life's little mysteries.

If you look at the documentation for both su and bash you will find your
problem: su by default does not start a login shell. This means that bash
does not look in /etc/profile or ~/.bash_profile. Instead you need to add
things to ~/.bashrc. Alternatively, using su with a - option will cause it
to start a login shell so your normal profile will be read.


       Login shells:
         On login (subject to the -noprofile option):
               if /etc/profile exists, source it.

               if ~/.bash_profile exists, source it,
                 else if ~/.bash_login exists, source it,
                   else if ~/.profile exists, source it.

         On exit:
               if ~/.bash_logout exists, source it.

       Non-login interactive shells:
         On startup (subject to the -norc and -rcfile options):
               if ~/.bashrc exists, source it.

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