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Re: availability of pre-1.2 distributions

Yes, I think there is a shortage for keeping three distributions (the
next, this and the last). Have a look at the list archives (ftp:, not
http:) because I'm sure someone gave an address where they keep an
accessible mirror of 1.1. My own solution is to build up a collection of
my .deb packages on a zip disk before allowing dselect to remove them.
(This helps with cloning machines too.)


On 20 Jan 1997, Brian Gough wrote:

> Paul Rightley <pright@lanl.gov> writes:
> >  ... I no longer see the 1.1 distribution on ftp.debian.org - would
> > it not be a good idea to keep it?
> was there ever an answer to this question? perhaps I missed it.
> (Is there a shortage of diskspace on ftp.debian.org?)
> brian
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