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Re: Unidentified subject!

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Javier Gismero wrote:

> I've succesfully installed Debian 1.2, but if running fvwm95 it seems 
> that several applications don't run properly: how to save or 
> configure the desktop??
> I would appreciate any help!
> Javier Gismero
> Dpto. SSR, ETSIT, Universidad Politecnica Madrid
> 28040 Madrid
> Tf:34-1-3367361
> fax:34-1-3367362
> e@mail:javier@gmr.ssr.upm.es
Yeah, fvwm95 puts up load of application regardeless of what is on the 
system or not. At first i didn't like it but now I think it's ok, it's a 
good way to learn the format for the config file. Keep a backup of the 
old (isn't that a trivial advice ;-)

the config file is:


which is discribed in fvwm95's man page 

for the format of the file look at  that man page:

man fvwm95-2

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