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we have set up a router using a whole bunch of 3c509b-ethernet-cards (finally getting all recognized with a little kernel-patch). Now I have 2 ICN 4B-cards in this mashine. We are running debian 1.2 with kernel 2.0.27.

I am unable to get the cards to load their firmware. I got a test-program from thinking objects, but still am unable to get a single location of shared memory for the card.

All possible locations beside 0xb8000 report errors, and 0xb8000 seems to be the video-area.

There is nothing in the box beside a Triton Motherboard, 6 3c509b-cards, a vga-adapter and the icn-cards. We run industrial hardware with a passive backlane with 14 isa-slots.

I need to get this *mne* router working within the next week. Has anyone an idea?


Thomas Tomiczek
System Administrator

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